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The Ultimate Orgy The Ultimate Orgy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I came

To the Chuck Norris part. And the girls at the end.

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Dark Cut 3 Dark Cut 3

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

What happened?

You took out everything that made the first 2 Dark Cuts great.. The first 2 were hard, this one was so easy that I completed it without failing once, and easily in under 15 minutes.

I also loved Dark Cut 1 and 2 because of the amount of tools used, this again fits in to the difficulty since this time around you don't have to choose them, just click the little squares which takes all of the "What tool should I use??" effect out of the game. You only use 5 or 6 in DC3 anyway, which makes it feel repetitive and bland.

Another thing that I didn't like about this Dark Cut was the story. In the last two the story was just "You are a surgeon, stop people dying", this time you clearly tried to add more depth, but neglected too much detail to successfully create a good story line. There was no explanation as to why you were doing what you were doing other than the one sentence which described what had happened to the patient. The computer was bullshit too. You clearly tried to make what the computer said deep and thought provoking, but it was really just laughably clich├ęd. I mean "I wish I could understand love"... You can surely do better than that.

The final operation on Dark Cut 2 was awesome. The sudden sound of a bomb dropping on you and your patient, then the fade in and extreme sense of shock you got when you realize what has happened to you. The question, "Do you want to live? Then prove it" was so effective it sticks in my mind even after 1 year+ of not playing it. There was no connection between you and the character you were playing as in this one, so it just felt like another bland 'Do what the little text at the bottom of the screen says' thing.

While were on the subject of little text at the bottom of the screen, in the previous Dark Cuts this went away of became very vague after the first couple of surgeries, this time it DOESN'T. WHY?? Are you trying to make your game primarily appeal to 10 year olds who were dropped so many times as babies they can't commit something as simple as this to their memory? Judging by the amount of "MY PAISHANTS KEEP DYING!!!" reviews that are getting submitted, my guess is you clearly aren't trying hard enough to make these retards understand.

The Pace of the previous Dark Cuts made them extremely tense, especially the second one, where you would be constantly forcing the patient to chug whiskey while you frantically saw off a limb or something. This time round there was seemingly no rush at all, provided you didn't let the sedative wear off (Which again took freaking years).

Dark Cut 1 and 2 were loved (By me at least) for their Shock and Gore factor, by this I mean people having huge boils on their skin, that pop and splatter your screen with yellow puss. In this game the most effective use of gore was the first level when the blood hits the screen, but even then it seems the blood just sits there and gets in your way, I just ignored it and I'm betting most other people did too.

And now, achievements. Dark Cut 2 introduced a pretty nice selection, all with details on what they were. This time, I was expecting more. But what did I get? 5 little tick boxes on the main menu that simply said "Hypersleep" or something. No sense of achievement at all, and whats the point in achievements if you don't feel like you achieved anything (I did unlock them all before you ask).

As a final point, when the hell was this set? The future? The present? Several times? If I had to guess I would say even the maker of the game doesn't know, it certainly feels like he doesn't. But that just boils down once again to the mediocre story I suppose.

I suppose to sum up, the main problem with this game is it lacks a difficulty curve, as well as everything that made its predecessors great. I was surprised at the amount of positive reviews to be honest. But then I looked at some and there was an abundance of "dis game is gr8 man! LOL" type reviews.

Well, since I can't fit anymore letters in to the character count. I'm done.

That is how you write a review. I hope the author reads at least some of this.

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